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Meet The Characters

In every story, SpinTales will introduce you to characters that you may already know and love or you may have never met before. They want to know your name, they want to say hello, they want to tell you their stories. Step into their world and you will see, do and learn something new.

Little Red is a happy-go-lucky girl who loves her grandma and loves to skip. She is very good at following rules but she is easily would be too if you lived in near a beautiful forest!

Little Red’s Mom keeps herself very busy so she doesn’t worry about things too much. There is always something she needs to do or make. She is particularly good at making cookies.

Milo is a jungle explorer. He’s a little bit wild. There are always a few sticks and leaves stuck in his hair from crawling under bushes, climbing up trees, rolling around in the dirt. He is optimistic and generous.

Huggy is a fun-loving bear . He likes to dance to the music of the jungle, like most bears. All that dancing makes him tired and he loves to nap

The Wolf who lives in the forest near Little Red’s house is a little bit bad. He loves playing tricks on the animals who live near the forest. And he loves snacks...he is always a little bit hungry.

Banjo (the first little pig) is a bit lazy. He doesn’t like to work very hard at all, he likes to sing and play the fiddle. He doesn’t like to eat vegetables but he loves vegetable soup!

Stickers is a nerdy gecko. She’s a bit of a know-it-all and if you ever need help, she is always ready to give advice. If there were books in the jungle, she would read all of them, twice!

The Frog is welcoming and earnest. From the top of the waterfall, he does yoga every morning with the jungle animals. Without saying a word his smile makes you smile.

Sparkles (the second little pig) is willing to work, but just a little bit. She likes to dance and twirl even more. She loves dancing so much that sometimes she dances in the mud!

Walter (the third little pig) is a really hard-working pig. He’s more serious than his brother or sister. He really likes to build things, he likes to be prepared and he is always ready to help people.

The Toucan is a happy bird. He lives high in the jungle - at the top of the trees, in the sky, between the clouds. His feathers have many bright colors. A flock of toucans is an awesome burst of color.

The Snake is humble, fun-loving, likes to play games. Be careful - she’s a little bit tricky. If you aren’t paying attention...she might hide your keys under a coconut shell!

The Wolf who lives in the forest near the Three Pigs mud pond is big and strong. He’s not as tricky as Little Red’s wolf, but he can huff and he can puff!

Jack likes to do magic. He's fun to be with. He's curious. Jack has a cow named Miss Moo. Jack has a good heart and always believes the best of people.

The Fish are sporty and a bit too energetic. They jump up the waterfall over and over again. They jump over the alligator. And when they’re done jumping, they float quietly in the river currents.

The Turtle are grumpy, but not mean. Most days are quiet, they float in the river or rest on a log in the sun. But every once in awhile someone steps on their shell and that doesn’t make them happy at all.

Jack’s Mom is kind and warm-hearted and loves to cook. She doesn't like nonsense (or magic). When she’s cooking, she whistles to attract the squirrels who like to sit at her window and watch her.

The Giant is grumpy and mean, unless he's sleeping. He lives in a castle at the top of the clouds that is made mostly of gold. He has a pet chicken who lays golden eggs, of course.

The Monkey is goofy, as you might expect. She’s a bit silly. She knows a lot about how to swing from the trees. But when she is presented with a new challenge, she is timid and careful.

The Alligator is shy and a little bit misunderstood. Every day he swims in the river...back and forth, around and around, peeking his head up and ducking down into the water.