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How It Works

SpinTales is a new world of adventure that mixes digital and physical experiences in the space between your iPad and your duvet or rug. Beautiful textiles and augmented reality combine to create a revolution in storytelling that your kids will love.

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Order It Online

You can buy the rug or duvet here or on Shipping is free and returns are easy. You'll love our colorful, illustrated landscapes as they unfold or unroll and decorate your home.

Set-up The Product

Set-up the duvet cover and pillow on the bed or lay the rug flat on the floor. Each product needs to be in a space with room to play and move. You need to download the free app and your device needs to be connected to the internet. You also need good lighting for the app to work.


Match The Marker

Each story includes video, narration, activities and... augmented reality! To access augmented reality, a marker will appear and the camera on your device will turn on. Find the matching illustration on your duvet or rug. Hold your device over the marker and the augmented reality will be activated.


Experience Magic