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What is included in each SpinTales product?

You will be getting a printed textile (duvet or rug) and FREE SpinTales app can be downloaded from the app store (3 stories included).

How much does SpinTales cost?

The SpinTales Enchanted Duvet cover and Pillow is USD99.99.

The SpinTales Jungle Rug is USD99.99.

Each product comes with a free app and 3 stories included.

After purchase, how long should I expect until delivery?

You can expect delivery of your product within 2-5 working days (for shipping within the continental US).

Does SpinTales ship internationally?

Currently we ship within the US (including Alaska and Hawaii) but please let us know that you are interested by emailing us at and we will do our best to get the product to you...wherever you are!

What age range is SpinTales designed for?

SpinTales is designed for kids age 3 and up. Kids from 3-5 years old might require assistance from an adult. Kids from 6 years old and up can play on their own.

What is the recommendation time limit for kids using this product?

Each story takes about 5 minutes to read/play if you don’t stop or go backwards. Kids can spend as much time as they like on the activities or exploring in augmented reality, but we recommend usage is limited to 30 minutes per day.

What is augmented reality (AR)?

When 3D animations are augmented, you have the impression that the animation is taking place in the physical world - right where you are.

Are these products easy to clean and how?

Yes. You can wash our products in the washing machine (recommended for the Enchanted Duvet) and then tumble dry or spot clean with clear dish soap and water and then vacuum (recommended for the Jungle Rug).


What do I need to do SpinTales on the duvet or on the rug?

You will need an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. A tablet will give you the best experience because of its size. You will also need that device to be connected to the internet

What are the minimum system requirements for my device?

Apple devices must have iOS 7.0 or higher. Android devices must have OS 2.3.1 or later

Does my device need to be connected to the internet?

Yes. This app works like a gaming app and due to the large animation files used in the app, we run part of the app from the cloud.

Do I need any special set-up in the room where I do SpinTales?

Yes. You need to do SpinTales in a room with good lighting without big shadows. You also need to make sure the fabric/textile is flat on the bed or on the floor.


Why do I need to use SpinTales with good lighting?

The camera needs enough light to detect details in the printed illustration on the fabric/textile and then activate the AR animation.

Why does the fabric need to be flat?

Creases or folds in the fabric can obstruct the camera and make it difficult to recognize the markers in the printed illustration on the fabric/textile.

How do I activate augmented reality?

Augmented reality is activated when you match the image shown on the device with the same illustration on the printed fabric/textile. This image is also called a marker.

How do I trigger each marker?

To trigger each marker, hold your device centered and above the image that you are looking for on printed fabric/textile.

Can I turn off internet access while the kids are doing SpinTales?

No. You will need access to the internet to use the SpinTales app. The high quality graphics in this app need to run from the cloud, the files that make AR possible are too big to completely download the app onto your device.


Why does the app run slowly on my device?

The app might run slowly if the memory on your device is limited or full, try removing unnecessary files or applications from the device. Your device may not support the rich graphics used here or you may have a slow connection to the internet. Please contact us at so we can help you figure out what is wrong.

I can’t activate the marker to get augmented reality, what’s wrong?

Please check that the markers on the fabric are flat and not wrinkled. Please check that you have good lighting in the room where you are using the product, the camera needs to be able to clearly see the marker. Please check that you have a good connection to the internet. Please check that fingers are not obstructing the camera when you are trying to find a marker. If this doesn’t work, please email us at

I forgot my username and/or password!

You can reset your password in the app, click on Forgot Password when you get to the opening screen. If you forgot your username, please email us directly at


How can I be part of the SpinTales community?

We want to hear from you. Please give us your feedback! If have a great idea for SpinTales or if you just want to say hi! Please email us at

How do can I contact TILT?

Email us directly at if you need help. There are a few other options available on our website: You can also connect with us directly on +1 877-864-1470

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I received a damaged product, what should I do?

Please email us at are ready to help you.

What is our privacy policy?

You can find information here:

What’s your return policy?

We understand that sometimes our products do not match your expectations. Keeping our customers in mind, we have devised a return policy which makes it easy to refund/exchange your product. Within 10 days we ensure that the product is refunded! You can find information here: