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Welcome to TILT!

We design and build delightful and meaningful experiences by breathing life into textiles.

Our Philosophy

At TILT, we are not defined by an audience or a product. We are defined by a belief: there is a new frontier to be explored in textiles - a world that delights and engages, animates and reacts, connects and immerses. We envision a world enabled by technology, not defined by it.

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Living Textiles

TILT is reinventing textile experiences with a focus on three things.

Quality Production

We make products with the highest standards of quality.

Smart Products

We weave in technology experiences that are seamless.

Thoughtful Experiences

We are an experience company driven to create magic.

SpinTales by TILT

Experience a new type of interactive storytelling where a world of classic fairytales and jungle adventures comes to life.

SpinTales is the first of many products where we aim to inspire, enrich, stimulate and entertain.

Behind The Scenes

We want to tell you a little bit about how we got here.

“My research about crafts and sustainability brought me to collaboratively experiment with digital realms mixed with textile medium. That’s how we developed a digital AR platform for storytelling on textiles in TU/e, to give new dimensions and meaning to fabrics.” Kristi Kuusk, inventor

How it Works