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What is TILT?

We are Smart Textiles!

We design and build delightful and meaningful experiences by breathing life into textiles. We call it Living Textiles!

Our Philosophy

We are not defined by an audience or a product. We are defined by a belief: there is a new frontier to be explored in textiles - a world that delights and engages, animates and reacts, connects and immerses. We envision a world enabled by technology, not define by it.

Our Vision

TILT is reinventing textiles experiences with a focus on three things: Quality Production, Seamless Technology, Thoughtful Experiences.

Why SpinTales?

Experience a revolution in storytelling where classic fairytales and jungle adventures pop-up and into your own room. We invite you to giggle, play, learn, move and touch these stories.

SpinTales is the first of many products where we aim to inspire, enrich, stimulate and entertain.

Let's do some SpinTales!

Who is TILT?


Director of Technology, TILT

Research and maker. Loves textiles and travel. A global nomad who finds creativity and innovation where different cultures and disciplines meet.


Director of Product, TILT

Textile designer and social entrepreneur. Motivated to build meaningful and magical products, transforming everyday life.


Designer, TILT

Designer and persuader. Talented craftsman and hearty Mumbaiker who solemnly cherishes peaceful moments and an extra bit of sleep.


Business Development, TILT

Passionate about growing new businesses. Driven by data, focused on international business development, sales & marketing.


Product Development Manager, TILT

Start-up guy and music lover. Pushing the boundaries with innovation products and business design.


Technology Lead & Analyst | E-Commerce, TILT

Fast Learner and Multi-tasker. Avid lover of sports and Foodie at heart Passionate to trek to discover new places.

Behind the scenes...

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